My book

After putting everything together, using Amazon to create the cover and ebook, and have a teacher read my work, I am finally ready to publish my work. This is what my book looks like. I will let you know when it’s up on Amazon.

Currently Reading

Hey everyone,

I am currently reading a book that is inspirational.  The book Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down: Chasing Myself in the Race by Ida Keelings.  This is a story about Ida Keelings, who began to run at the age of 67 and been running ever since.  She holds a world record for fastest time in a 60 meter race for the 95-99 age group.  She is 102, that’s right, and is willing to tell her life story including her reason to run.  So far, I was intrigued by her story, she’s from the islands, came into Harlem.  She gave her life plus historical connection such as the Great Depression.  I will let you know how it’s going and return with a book review.


Closing National Poetry Month

As we slowly end National Poetry Month, I would like to add one more book review. It is R.H. Sin’s latest book She felt like feeling nothing. The book definitely speaks for itself, especially when he focuses on women from love, relationship to self-worth. He starts writing with a scene, to a hymn and goes into title poems. All the poems can make a woman, relate, understand, inspire, and learn from what he is saying. Definitely pick up a copy and enjoy.

Book review

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Last time, I was currently reading, Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life by Cleo Wade. This book was inspirational to read as it reflects our daily lives. Her affirmations and messages were true and straightforward. Her poems gave the reflection of her messages. The last poem: I think about love is an 18-page poem about love. I would recommend this book and truly hope it inspires you the same way it inspires me.

Coming soon

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As I mentioned, I am self publishing my first book of poems through Amazon.  It takes a lot of time and work to do this, but I almost there.  My first book: Fight, Survive, Thrive, will be coming out next month.  I will post once it’s complete.

I Say Moment

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In life, you want to do things or pursue goals to make your dreams what happen.  Until, something happens to you that you did not expect or can’t explain.  You had all these plans and goals but the situation came at you full fold questioning if this can still happen.  I say: you are able to do what you can than you are able to do what you can’t.  Focus on getting or making things better so that when you return, you may continue your goals with some added adjustments.  We can say that things happen for a reason, yet in certain situations, the reason is hard to describe.  First, relax and recuperate.  Second, slowing figure things out.  Third, able to pick yourself again to complete your goal.

Administrative Professional Day

Good morning everyone,

Today is Happy Administrative Professional Day…as an administrative we were so many hats in our lives that we handle them with care and show a level of respect every time. If no one can’t recognize you as that, they don’t know your value. your worth cuz you are above all else. Handle your life, your job and mostly you.