RIP Michael Jackson

May your music inspires us and live on forever.  My poem as a tribute to the King of Pop



When you were little and with you brothers

You learn

ABC to the Dancing Machine

You ask

Can you feel it?

Always want to

Show you the way to go


As you got older and went solo, you was

Off The Wall

Which you

Can’t help it

And wanted to

Rock with you


Don’t stop til you get enough


Later on

You wanna be starting something

That became part of a Thriller

Yet it was

Human Nature

After all I was

The Lady in My Life


All of a sudden

You became


You was the

Man in the Mirror

Turning from a

Speed Demon into a

Smooth Criminal


Things start to get Dangerous

Secrets kept In the Closet

Do you Remember the Time

When you and Jordan had a Jam


Started building your HIStory

Leaving Blood on the Dance Floor

Soon became Invincible that

You Rock My World


At the end

After everything

You said

This Is It

You made an Escape

Yet through it all

Your moves

Your words

Your music

Your Love Never Felt So Good

Finished reading

I had finished a book by R H Sin and his wife Samantha Holmes called We Hope this Reaches You in Time. I will tell you that the book spoke to me like we were having a conversation with each other. The book has ideas, poetry and prose from both of them. First half is the wife’s perspective and second half is the husband’s regarding relationships. Definitely read this book. Here are a couple that you can look at.