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I am currently reading a work by Zora Neale Hurston called Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”.  This is a story of Zora interviewing Cudjo Lewis, which his real name was Kossulu, was the last living person captured from Africa to be enslaved.  So far, I get history of the slavery during his time and now I am starting to hear his story.  It is known that the book was not published back then because the publishers were not impressed and they wanted Hurston to change the language.  The moment you start to read his story, it was written in his dialect and I felt that Hurston wanted to do that so others can understand his existence rather changing the language to benefit those who would read it.

I will get back to you with my review.

Mother’s Day Poem

A poem for Mother’s Day

A Special Lady

Someone you can count on

Someone you can lean on

Someone you can hear life’s moments

Someone you can hear life’s lessons

Someone you can tell your secrets

Someone you can tell your truths

Someone you can relate to

Someone you can talk to

Someone you can trust

Role Model







Best Friend


Selfless, not selfish

Worthy, not worthless


Thanks mom


Book review

Good morning,

To kick off a Good Friday, I just finished my latest book: Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down by Ida Keeling. I would like to say that this book was inspirational to read. Ida was born in New York while her parents were from Anegada. She life experiences began during the Great Depression where her father at first ran a store to selling groceries in a cart to make ends meet.

She became a single mother with four kids by two fathers where they first father cheated on her and the second father who she married was separated.

Her life was filled with struggles and sacrifices. She was able to participate in historical events: March of Washington, Marcus Garvey speeches, Malcolm X speeches plus death, etc.

I highly recommend this book because I gain highly respect for Ida and what she been through. After 102 years, she was able to tell her story to inspire others to live and fight each day.