Nana by Brandon Massey

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I wrote that I was currently reading the book Nana by Brandon Massey.  I just finished the book this I said, it was hard to put the book down.  The book was suspenseful with thrilling surprises.  As I stated that it was story about a woman named Grace, who unexpectedly came to a funeral to claim her biological daughter.  Monica, daughter, lost her adopted mother from an accident and was surprised to see her.  She always wanted to know her biological mother and was able to do so.  Monica, her husband Troy, mother-in-law Pat and her two children was able to welcome her.  However, Grace, had her own motives: she would flirt with Troy, create a rift with Pat and nurturing Monica by taking away her youth.  As Monica gets older, Grace looks younger and trying to steal everything from her.  However, this was not the first time that she has done this.


I definitely recommend this book because of the thrilling suspense and couldn’t put the book down.

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