Poem — Mirrors

Here’s one of my poems.  I will post some of work to commemorate National Poetry Month.


I stand alone

Looking different versions of me

When I was small

When I became a teen

When I was a young adult

When I became an adult


Looking at separate phases of my life

Quiet and shy phase

Rebel phase

Undecided phase

Mid-life crisis phase


Those reflections are making




On everything that I have done


Who am I really?

I was those people behind each reflection

Reflections of my past

Reflections of my life

Reflections of me


It’s time to recreate

A new reflection

A new phase

A new me


Let the past stay in the past

Let the troubles shatter

Into broken pieces never to be put together again


Let me step out to a new form of myself


Reflection of peace

Reflection of serenity

Reflection of truth

Reflection of me

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