Rest in the mourning — Review

Hey everyone,

I just finished a book within a day and I truly enjoy reading this.  It is R.H. Sin’s Rest in the Mourning.


I got this book as part of a monthly subscription site called Noir Reads:  The books that you get are by black authors which you receive each month as you subscribe.

Rest in the Mourning is a collection of poems by the author who has written other works such as A Beautiful Composition of Broken and Whiskey Words and a Shovel series.  I have heard of his work and decided to read one of his books which this one is my favorite.  Reading his work is like having a conversation with him where he is giving his own truth and values that someone can listen, learn, and respect.  His writing style is unique and straightforward.  His words capture you in which you feel that you can relate.


This poem is one of my favorites because as a breast cancer survivor, I can relate where my scars symbolize the battle I faced and able to survive to talk about it.

The most unique part of his work is that instead of a table of contents, he uses an index based on the subjects of his work.  I would highly recommend this book.


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