Book review

Good morning everyone,

I had finished this book that I picked up at a literary festival over the summer at the Schomburg. I read a little bit at first and decided to go back and finish. The book is called Life is God’s Best Gift by Sam Chege.

The author was born and raised in Kenya then came to the United States during his 30s. He is an associate professor at Kansas State University in journalism and mass communications. This book is filled with African proverbs that reflect on life, love, peace and joy.

The author would give his own stories and quotes himself that can symbolize some of the proverbs in the book. Whether it’s from Uganda or the Congo, the proverbs speak to the heart and soul to anyone who reads it.

It’s a definite read for inspiration and encouragement.

I have returned

Hey everyone,

I am sorry for the hiatus…a lot was going on with work, school and home. I am slowly getting myself back into the swing of things and make things better as well as easier. I will make posts on books I have and will read with my reviews. I will post soon. Thank you

Moment to reflect

Hey, everyone

It has been a while….lots of things going on with

1- school

2- work

3- home

4- self

It’s all good but taking each moment to reflect and make changes for the better. Still reading, writing and taken photos from time to time but will continue to do things for me.

This book is a good read for those that need to reflect on life to do things better.

Book Love — book Review

I know that I have a love of books….for Valentine’s Day, this book proves that…Book of Love by Debbie Tung is a graphic novel of a young lady and her love of books….fills with reasons of why she reads, the best places to read and more…Definite read…if you love books, read Book of Love